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From a customer’s perspective, a delightful dining experience isn’t limited to just food (quality & taste) and service; but also involves quintessential assurance around hygiene standards across the restaurant – from the kitchen, dining area, to the toilets. The level of hygiene and cleanliness in a restaurant’s toilet speaks volumes about the entire business and the value it attaches to its customers. Poor toilet hygiene can not only turn away existing customers; but negative online reviews and social media posts can also discourage potential customers from ever entering the F&B establishment.

The restaurant’s most important hygiene aspect is the availability of sterilized paper products in washrooms.

Source: "Identifying the relationship between restaurant users experience and perceptions of washroom hygiene and subsequent attitudes and behaviors to the restaurants" White Paper, Kantar.


89% of customers will not return to restaurants with poor washroom hygiene.


79% of customers prefer paper hand towels over the hand air dryer.


66% of restaurant guests prefer using sterilized paper hand towels over regular paper hand towels.

What experiences do customers value?

One needs to acknowledge that customer needs & expectations, and for that matter, even their relative importance tends to vary across nationalities, gender, and affluence levels. However, when it comes to eating out, an increasing number of customers are seeking a holistic experience that involves delivering delight beyond just dining. So, while the quality and taste of food continue to remain the top priority for customers, service levels (such as the speed of ordering, serving & billing, etc.), as well as hygiene standards, are very important.

Poor restaurant hygiene can be a massive turn-off for not only existing customers but could also put-off first-time customers. Therefore, it’s crucial for restaurant owners to give due attention to hygiene standards. One of the best ways to ensure a restaurant exceeds customer expectations around hygiene is to take a walk in the customer’s shoes.

Focus on Consistent Toilet Hygiene to Drive Customer Loyalty

While great meals and service will help a restaurant drive customer footfalls, its long-term success will depend on consistently delivering customer delight. Maintaining hygiene across the restaurant and in-particular the toilets can play a key role in driving customer loyalty.

Toilets hygiene, when properly maintained, communicates that the restaurant cares about food safety, customer satisfaction, and its reputation. It’s important that F&B establishments don’t flush away the opportunity to improve customer loyalty and commercial performance by not only focusing on dining & kitchen area; but also providing equal impetus on maintaining hygiene standards in toilets.

The Ultimate Guidelines to Fuel Customers' Advocacy


Trust the Facts

Use the findings of Kantar's research study to understand what shapes the perception of the value of customers and let us help you


Enroll in Fine Dine Program

Be part of the ultimate perception-led program that meets the expectations of your customers and helps differentiate and grow your business


Get Ultimate Hygiene Solutions

Get in touch with us to get our location surveyed and equipped with sterilized paper products and other hygiene solutions


Perform Regular Cleaning

Get your staff trained to perform regular (at least hourly) cleaning, and maintain a clearly visible cleaning log


Reinforce Hygiene Regime

Messaging & communication around the importance of hand wash before and after meals to reinforce hygiene regime among customers. Let us help you with the "8 Leading Tips to Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus Infection" flyer by MWA and FHI. Get your copy

Introduction to Fine Dine Program

The overall idea behind launching the Fine Dine Program, and this platform, is to bridge the gap between customers who seek a delightful dining experience with restaurants and cafes that believe hygiene and cleanliness are both extremely essential to the growth and success of their establishments, along with the key element of customer satisfaction. Additionally, the platform will make it easier for participating restaurants and cafes to break multiple barriers in the online marketplace, which will be beneficial to both the establishments and to the consumers.

Fine Dine Program

The Fine Dine program is an evidence-based restaurant hygiene program that is inspired by the direct correlation between customer loyalty and washroom (toilets) hygiene in the latest food & beverage outlets research. The research, which was published in January 2020 by Kantar, the international research firm, concluded that washroom (toilets) hygiene is a key element when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Kantar Middle East recently conducted an online survey of 500 respondents with different nationalities, races, ethnicities, and cities, to understand the correlation between a restaurant’s washroom hygiene and customer loyalty.

How does it work?

The 4 steps to becoming a member in Fine Dine Program

Improved Hygiene Level

1st step

Our Hygiene Experts will visit your establishment to evaluate the existing hygiene solutions and products in use and install the world class hygiene solutions and products that are sterilized, safe to use on food, and cost-efficient. Learn more about our hygiene solutions.

Door Sticker/Plaque

2nd step

Our Fine Dine Program Representative will install a door sticker or plaque to help you give a positive impression to your walk-in customers and label your establishment to stand out during this crucial time.

Website Listing

3rd step

Let us help you reach more customers and demonstrate the efforts put into providing the public with a safe dining place and showcasing your attention to the finest details to assure hygiene standards across the establishment.

Newspaper Advertisement

4th step

Let us be your voice to target a much wider audience and help you become recognized among the first movers and implementors when it comes to the highest hygiene standards and gain greater public awareness.

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